FO: First Cable Project

I’m kinda on a roll since I have started knitting haha

This is my first time doing cables. The hat initially was going to be for me, but came out way too small, so it’s perfect to give to my cousins wife for her baby! It may be a bit big on her this year but hopefully it will fit next winter. I’m not sure why the cable braid doesn’t show very well on the bear, maybe its stretched funny, but it is there!

Well, I’m in awe!
I have yet to do my first cable at all and here you have done a hat in all-over cable.
So sweet…
Is it smaller than you wanted because of the cabling? It doesn’t look like it was knit too tight, that’s why I’m asking…
Would love to try cable… how did you find it? Was it difficult?

I actually got the pattern from this site, the person who posted said that they used 110 sts because they knit very tight but if you knit loose then you can get away with about 80. I think I knit loose so I used 80 sts.

I didn’t find it hard at all! I litterally watched the video posted here on the site on how to do cables and did a little practice swatch and when I saw I was doing it properly then I went ahead and tried the hat.

You should deff try!

Very nice and the stuffed animal seems to love it!:slight_smile:

This is going to be one stylish baby. Beautiful work. The cables certainly show up and look great. Now maybe you should make a larger one for yourself?

Great hat, well done. :yay: I’m so glad someone will be able to wear it. I hope to see a larger one too.

Your Teddy has never looked so stylish, I bet! What a hat! It looks perfect!!

Congratulations on expanding your knitting horizons! The hat looks so nice, regardless of being too small!

Thanks all! If I switch to bigger needles do I use the same amount of STS?

Met baby Irelynn today, and gave her, her presents. The hat was big but super cute on. I also whipped up my first pair of booties last night using straight needles and seemed them.

Wow, you are making progress so fast. I agree, the baby in a hat is super cute. And booties look lovely as well.

I can actually see the cables in the hat on the bear…very good job! My first cable project, just last year, was a hot water bottle cover…had to make two sides (front and back) and sew tog. Took months to finish.


That’s adorable! You did a great job on the cables!

You can use bigger needles and it will be slightly bigger, but the stitch will also be looser. The bigger the needles more open it’ll be. Not always what you want for a hat that is supposed to be warm. If you liked fabric on the first hat and want it the same on the second hat then use more stitches not bigger needles.

Awesome hat, LBA! Way to go, girlfriend!!!

You’re doing wonderfully! Your cables show up fine. That hat will have a lot of stretch so I’m sure it will still fit Irelynn (cute name) next fall. Good job on the booties as well.

Very cute! Nice job on the set. Aren’t cables fun?

Congrats on your first cable project … wasn’t it so much easier than you thought it would be?? I was always intimidated by cables until I finally tried it and realized how simple they were!

Too bad it turned out a little small, but at least someone will be able to enjoy it!

So cute!! Great job!!!