FO - First booga bag

Here’s my first booga, ready for felting. I was going to wait and post all at once, but since the top part is curling, I thought I’d post and ask if this is easily fixed when blocking. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Ronda, you did that quick :thumbsup: Good job. I think the felting will take care of the curling.

:inlove: ooooh, nice! that looks like Kureyon 148! great job! :inlove:
felting should fix the curling. my stockinette bags were all curled but they uncurled while felting.

LOL, Jodi! You sure do know your Kureyon!!! It is 148! I wanted 55, but my LYS had only 2 skeins of it, so this was my second choice. I have since found a new LYS - and I’m so impressed. They are so NICE in the new LYS and so helpful and down to earth. I went and bought 4 skeins of #55 from new LYS to do a second bag! :XX: I’ve been trying to read all the posts here on the booga, and someone metioned using 2 strands to do the bottom and up the sides a bit, and I might try that!

Thanks for the responses! :heart:

I’ll be sure to post an after photo!

VERY nice, Ronda!!

:cheering: Great job! Can’t wait to see it felted–the colors are beautiful.

luv your colors :smiley: ! Can’t wait to see it felted :smiley:

:heart: Thanks, everyone!

Nice bag. Lovely colors. And I love your avatar :roflhard:

[color=darkred]I love the colors in that yarn. Look forward to seeing it felted.

The antique knitter (me) is wondering why it’s called a booga bag.
Lana :x: [/color]

That looks great!!! It’s giving me motivation to get started on mine!

I :heart: your bag. Can’t wait to see it felted.
Oh I want to make one !!!


Mine curled like crazy, but the curl disappeared completely when it felted–came out of the wash flat.

Oooh, that looks so great! :cheering: I really like those colors…I can’t wait to see it felted!!

I felted it last night and it’s blocking now! It’s so exciting! I’m having way too much fun with this! :smiley:

It’s done! That was fun. I started another one last night!

:cheering: Beautiful. Enjoy it! :cheering:

Oh, that is lovely! I love those colors! :cheering: :cheering:

Looks beautiful!! I love the colors!!!

[color=green][size=6]WOW![/size] The other kids are gonna be green with envy, when she takes that to school. [/color]