FO - First Baby Sweater!

Finally! I completed the baby sweater we started in a beginners knitting class several weeks ago. I think it’s pretty good but I also know that I can do better with more practice! The buttons are bear paws (I like teddy bears!).

On to the next project!! This is fun!

:passedout: Gina, that’s fabulous!! Just love the bright red! :yay:

Do you have more classes are or are you done now?

Looks great – perfect in fact!!!

That is so cute! I wish my first FO came out so well. Some day I’ll post pics of that disaster and we’ll all have a good laugh :roflhard: Yours on the other hand is GREAT! I’ll cross my fingers for a little one to hand it down to soon :slight_smile:

Nope, no more classes. I might take the next one in the Fall. Even if I knit all summer and get really comfortable with it I may still take it as the ladies were nice and it’s a night out of the house! … and thanks!

LOL! I’m keeping my fingers crossed too! Thanks!

GREAT job!

Great job! Keep knitting as you could be surprised with a little one sooner than you think. Keep up the good work. Grandma’s rock!

It looks fantastic! You did a great job! Mary

:inlove: I love that color! You did a wonderful job :yay:

very pretty and i love the color and the buttons!

Lovely work Gina, and in my favourite colour too! Keep at it. Practice makes … a knitting addict!!

It looks great!

What a wonderful little sweater! My favorite color, and the work looks perfect.

Most of us would say that you already look pretty comfortable with your knitting.

Oh, it is so cute!

Thanks to all of you for your kind words and encouragement! Can’t wait to leave the office so I can start knitting again LOL!!

Gina this sweater turned out very nice. Better looking then my first sweater let me tell yeah :rofl: Mine looked pretty bad :wink:

You did a beautiful job!!! :thumbsup:

What a cute little sweater! I like the color!

It’s beautiful! I love to knit baby sweaters…for my grandchildren or other people’s grandchildren! I got hooked after the first one I made!