FO: First attempt at mitts

So…I looked for a simple pattern for mitts. I found one. I read it. I realized that I still don’t fully understand how to read patterns. I gave up trying to understand it and cast 36 stitches onto my double-pointed needles and started going.

I used an enlarged version of the buttonhole technique found on this website to make thumbholes. I continued with the top of the mitt, and closed it off. I went back to the thumbhole, stuck my needles through the stitches around the hole to make new stitches with which to work, and started knitting. A few rows later, I realize that I needed to purl instead, so had to undo everything.

Finishing the green glove, I realized that I didn’t have enough for a second glove, so I had to use red yarn. Stupid me didn’t count my rows when I knit the first one, so I just sort of eye-balled the size of the red mitt while I was knitting it. That’s why the red one turned out visibly bigger than the green one.

Oh well. Lesson learned.

Anyone have any tips for me?

They look pretty good. :yay:

I think the biggest lesson you need to learn is to read patterns. If you don’t understand something come and ask here. :thumbsup:

Here are some patterns you can look through.

I think your method was very creative and a great learning experience! I think they turned out cute.

I don’t have any tips but I think they look good! AND my kids NEVER wear matching gloves so I think you have a good Christmas’y pair right there lol

I think consider these were your first pair and you improvised nicely, they turned out great! You learned from them. That counts a lot in my book!

Thanks for the patterns. Are there any tricks for making these mitts more form-fitting? Right now, they’re rather clunky things that fit like elongated sleeves since I maintained 36 stitches all the way up until I closed it off. Should I be using thinner needles, thinner yarn, or increasing/decreasing to match the contour of the hand?

Yeah. That was going to be my excuse. I made them two different colours “on purpose.” :whistle:

While agree that reading patterns is something to work on, I am impressed at your ability to design your own! I think they look great and I am sure they will be warm!

I agree with Jan! Your mitts look pretty darn good to me, too! Congrats! It is great to ‘stretch’ yourself, challenge yourself, knitting-wise!

A circular needle is just a long, flexible DPN. You can use two of them instead of 4 or 5 DPNs and get a better result for fewer needle changes.

Two circs in a longer length lets you work both mittens (or socks) at the same times which means no need to count rows because you work half a round on mitten A and then half a round on mitten B (from a second ball or from the other end of the same skein). Then you turn your work like for a DPN change and work the second half round of B then change back to the yarn for A and finish the second half of the round on A.

It may sound confusing but it really isn’t.

I suppose you could get a second set of DPNs and cast on to both sets and just rest A while you to a round or two on B. Then it’s just taking turns between two project that happen to be the same pattern and using the same yarn (two skeins/balls or two end from one skein or ball).


Very creative way of improvising! I think they look good!