FO - first attempt at felting

I’ve finished my first pair of clogs! This was a learning curve - the first time I’ve used circular needles and the first time I’ve attempted to felt anything!

I’m quite pleased with the end result, they looked a bit uneven before felting, and they could probably do with another run through the machine but I don’t want them to shrink much more as they will fit my wee girl nicely over winter as they are!

Nice job! Pretty color - your little girl should love them!

I really should try making some clogs… I’m just so worried I’ll be in over my head!

Those are adorable! I may hafta try and make some soon :thumbsup:

Forgot to say, I couldn’t have made these without the ULTIMATE RESOURCE thread! It was a lifesaver, especially for the cuff and bumper bits! :cheering:

I love those! Adorable! Love that color, what yarn did you use?

I think I’m going to get sucked into the clog obsession too!

Those are so cute! :thumbsup:

So cute! Gotta see a photo of her in them!! :inlove:

Love, love!!!
They are so cute…you did a great job :thumbsup:

I made them in Cascade 220, colour 8834.

Here’s a photo of her in them, had to take it quick as she’s about to phone her dad and complain that mummy is making her wear woollen clogs when it’s 100 degrees outside!!! :rofling:

Aww they are so cute!!

cute, cute, cute! :inlove:

:heart: :heart:

Soooooo darling! And such pretty clogs too!

She is adorable and you did a great job on the clogs. My little girl loves to wear hers.

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove: Great picture! Good job! Aren’t they so fun to make?! :cheering:

BEAUTIFUL! :thumbsup:


They are soooo cute and you daughter looks beautiful in them!!!

Is this from a pattern book as I am a new knitter and am making some stuff for my new niece who is in Canada.



Those are beautiful!! :inlove: :inlove: In the photo of them felted, they look like marshmallows!!