FO- First Attempt At Color Work

OK, I know this is one ugly hat, but it was just a practice piece to try out stranding. No pattern, just some random shapes and patterns I made up as I went along just to get the hang of stranding.

That’s how I learned, too. It looks great and isn’t ugly at all!:yay:


Looks good. :yay:

Wonderful job, Mason! I think it’s great that you jump into new techniques! You’re an inspiration to the rest of us!

I think it looks great! I am working on my first colorwork right now too (stranded though not intarsia). I bet intarsia is much trickier.

Thanks, it’s actually stranding, I gave up on the intarsia out of frustration.

I think that looks pretty dang good for just winging it. great job! i think its pretty. not ugly at all.

looks good! congrats. :cheering:

:thumbsup: Way to go, Mason! No…not ugly at all! The vibrancy of the blue makes it POP! You rock!

I think it is a rather nice hat. It reminds me of South or Central American indigenous art.

yeah, you mentioned that. I’m so observant! haha! Anyway it looks great. Did you use one hand for both colors? Thats the only way I can do it. I need to try and learn it two-handed.

I think you did good! Love the color. I was just looking at a pattern for a boy that has trains on it and my grandson (age 2 and 1/2 and addicted to trains!) would love it. I have never tried stranding or intarsia…maybe I will now!
Thanks for showing us!

:happydance: Great job!!!

I did use both hands for a lot of it, still need to practice more on that.

Mason, great job! I love the hat, I don’t think it’s ugly at all!

Most cool!:happydance:

I don’t think your hat is ugly at all… I think it is really cool actually. I have been knitting forever and I have never tried that… I love that you are so feerless when it comes to trying new stuff!

I think it looks great, especially for a first attempt. My first try at stranding was so puckered it was awful!

:rofl: One of the guys in a Google group I own actually wants to buy this ugly hat. I told him I couldn’t possibly sell it as there are way too many mistakes in it.