FO first adult sized sock *update* the second finished!

hello hello

this evening i finished my first adult sized sock
caron simply soft, silver’s sock tutorial
made for my aunt. she was excited that it fit!

it was pretty easy! I’m happy with the result. i’ve already cast on the second and will hopefully finish with it by the end of the week.


thanks all for the nice comments!

today i finished the second one. it took me a little while to get going after i cast on but when i picked it up again i couldn’t stop!

the second one looks much bigger in this picture but it really isn’t. it’s very very close to being the exact same size which is something i usually have trouble with on any project . so i’m happy :slight_smile:

thanks for looking!

Very nice! :thumbsup:

Wow that looks great!

One down one to go…It looks great…I love the Caron Simply Soft yarn x


Great job! :yay:

Great job!!! :happydance:

Looks great! :yay:

Great job! Now the sock options are limitless. Doesn’t it feel great to learn something new?

I put off learning sock making for YEARS and once I learned I wondered why I waited so long :slight_smile:

Mama Bear