FO: Finished the Booties and WIP Blanket

Ok first off I finished the booties for my friend. I was delayed because of holidays and sickies in the house. Still under the weather some.

I've started a new blanket. I knit for a charity that donates blankets to NICUS and OB wards. They are for the parents of babies who don't make it. The blankets are used for photos, to bury with the child, or as a keepsake so the parents don't have to leave the hospital empty handed. (Btw if any of you have any free time for knitting or crocheting a blanket for a good cause I am always looking for donations, especially around Christmas which is when I want to make a hospital donation in person)

Adorable booties! The blanket looks great so far!

I am making the same basketweave blanket. Looks great!

The booties are adorable, and the blanket is looking good so far … great job! and what a wonderful thing to do!

Very nice work! I like these colors for babies! Especially icy pinks and whites!