FO: Finished one Tofutsies

[b][color=indigo]I finished the first of my pair of Tofutsies. :happydance: I absolutely adore the sock :teehee: , but dislike the yarn :-x I may never make another pair of them. It’s like knitting with embroidery floss!

The sock is soft, thin, silky…wonderful.[/color]


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So pretty!

That looks FANTASTIC!
Oh you have to make more…it’s not that bad once you get into the swing of it.

You did an incredible job.

Oooh beautiful!!

[color=indigo]Oh, I’ll make more socks…just not sure I’ll use Tofutsies. :teehee: [/color]

I just bought that yarn to make socks for myself. I’m really excited because I can’t wear 100% wool and it seems sock yarn only comes in that or in alternative materials with icky colors. I like the colors Tofutsies come in.

Very nice sock!

:cheering: Thanks for sharing.

I’m currently working on one for my DH and have another skein in colors for me. I really like the yarn so far. My first sock is made of austrailian wool and size 5 DPN’s. I’m using 2 KP classic circs on the Tofootsies and I can’t wait to finish them.


I got a couple of balls of these when Webs accidentally listed them at 1/2 the retail price, and honored it! It does look really thin. What size needles are you using? Or more importantly, what gauge are you getting?

Hi Nikki,

I’m using a size 2 and getting 8 stitches to the inch, as indicated on the package label. DH is trying them as I go and they are fitting fine. The pattern calls for 7 stitches to the inch though.

I hope this helps! Helen

Those look great!

OOOOOOHHH! Purple!!!

I just learned DPN’s & will be doing some socks!!! I have about a million projects in line! LOL

[color=indigo]Second sock is finished. And I have enough left over to make socks for my grand daughter… darn it! :shrug: Hmmm maybe I’ll combine it with something else so it’s not so small and splitty…[/color]

YaY!!! :cheering:

hey…at least they LOOK great lol