FO - Fingerless Mitts

I knitted these fingerless mitts for a co-worker/friend. In lieu of the button flap, we added cute buttons at the top of the mitts. My friend has a funky and quirky style, and she was so pleased with the results. It made me feel like a million bucks.

I had to add little felt buttons to the thumb because I had a gap when I went from knitting in the round to back and forth. I could never get it tight enough. So I improvised.

Very nice job :slight_smile: LOVE the color!

Those worked out really well. I love the improvisation at the thumb and the quirky buttons. Great job!

They are very very cute. Reminds me of the 70’s! :slight_smile:

Groovy! My favorite color and funky flowers. You came up with a far out solution to a problem, proof that you had an unexpected opportunity, not a mistake.

Time warp back to the present: Awesome mitts! :thumbsup:

nonny2t, I thought of the 70s also.

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Cute! Clever solution with the buttons, some knitters say about mistakes/mishaps in their knitting ‘it has a design feature’ :slight_smile: Your desing features look as they were intentional.

Lovely indeed! I like the quirky buttons and your fix! :thumbsup:

Is that another pair under this person’s hands?

Cute and clever! :thumbsup:

Yes! Good eye! Those were my prototypes.

Just wonderful!! :yay:

Oh these are so nice! I must knit some fingerless mitts for myself for next Winter!
Always been on my TO DO list. You inspire me!