FO - fingerless mitts

I didn’t really use one particular pattern per se, I sort of combined a few different ones and used the parts of each that I liked. The cable part is based on the Dashing mitts from knitty, and the rest is based on some other generic mitten patterns because I wanted a thumb gusset and not just the waste yarn thumb that the Dashing and Fetching patterns use. The yarn is some Red Heart ‘McIntosh’ from Wal-Mart, the colour is called grapevine. It’s a wool/acrylic blend. I mostly bought it for the colours which felt very autumn-ish.

That is awesome! I love the cabling especially. Great job!!

Ohhhhh!!:inlove: Did you write the pattern down? I love those and would love to have the pattern! I’ve made one pair for Christmas, but I like yours better! Is that yarn worsted weight? :inlove:

Just wonderful . The colour is looks so warm.

Great work

Those are awesome!!! I just did some and they don’t look as cool as yours, lol.


Thanks everyone! Jan, I’ll get back to you about the pattern. :muah:


:happydance:Great job!! they look wonderful…

I’d love the pattern also. I love wearing gloves basically all the time especially because i essentully type for a living and it’s nice to have my fingers out plus i like that they don’t go much beyond the wrist.

Oooo! Oooo! Me, too! I’ve been trying to decide upon a fingerless mitts pattern to use, and those are beautiful! :heart:

Great job! I’d like the pattern also, if you get around to it.

That looks great!!! I love the color too. Nice work!!!

Add me to the list of those clamoring for a pattern :mrgreen:

Aww, thanks everyone you’re all so sweet:aww:. I will get around to making the pattern, it just might not be a for a few days. Thanks again!

Very nice, looks great. :thumbsup:

It looks wonderful! I’d like the pattern also! I really love the color. :cheering:

Great job looove it !! Could i be put in line for that pattern as well please…

Great looking gloves and to think you were inginious enough to combine patterns! So that puts me in line as well for the pattern as I think its a perfect combination of all I love about fingerless gloves.

Wow! Just beautiful and I Love the color. Could I be put on that list too? Great job!

There are so many of us on the growing list for knitqueen’s wonderful pattern, maybe it should eventually become a knit along… :slight_smile: