FO: Fingerless gloves!

Finally finished! My first pair of gloves with fingers (they are “cutted”, but they are!)!! I’ve knited it for my cousin- tomorrow she’s having a birthday :slight_smile:

Those are great. I would have a hard time giving them away!


Nice Job

I thought they might be the simple Tubes I make with a thumb hole
my Daughter LOVES them (then looses them)

Good Job



Nice!!! Your cuz is gonna love them :cheering:

Very pretty! What pattern did you use? I think I’m going to try Knucks from the summer Knitty, but I’m scared to start because the needles are so small!

I didn’t use a pattern!
I NEVER use a pattern! :teehee:

I bow before your amazing knitting prowess! :slight_smile: I am so not at that point yet.

Dang Eeyore :notworthy: so when is your knitting book coming out!! :muah:

Looks great!

Cute. :wink: They’re sort of “in” this season. :slight_smile: I was thinking of knitting some with knit picks thinner alpaca yarn. :wink: