FO finally

I have been without a camera, and lacking time for interent due to bird rescue.

I finally have some FO’s pix!


Lace “The Muse”

Lime green sparkles:

Hubby’s sweater:

Also working on Silver Belle for myself, for some reason picture isn’t loading now, telling me I “don’t have permission” LOL!
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Your cabling is wonderful! I love the beige one best! Thanks for sharing~

Thanks, it isn’t really that color though, I couldn’t get the flash to turn off on this camera, the green under it is the actual color, darkish olove green.

They all look great!

:happydance: everything looks wonderful!

Wow! You do some beautiful work!! Everything is wonderful. My fave is the lime green sweater - LOVE the stitch on it!

I love that one too! I love green LOL! The lady who owns the yarn shop here, held back that yarn knowing I would love it! It is almost a pineapple type look, and easy!

Here is a better shot of the stitch:

Those are great! I especially like the tank! It looks very retro and I love the button. :slight_smile:

They all look great~the tank’s my favorite ( love the colors, and the button!)

Funny how that works but I still love it! :yay:

WOW!! What a lot of neat stuff. Thanks for sharing what you have been knitting. Looks great.

You have been very busy. My favourite is the green sweater.

Wonderful series of FOs; am I seeing correctly, does the cable sweater have skulls down the middle.

Yep it sure does, hubby liked them so that is what I did LOL!


Nice jobs! I love it when you get to see how someone’s fingers have been flying!