FO- Finally posting this

OK… have to go resize or something… photo won’t show up…

OK, trying this again…

My version of the New Year’s Eve KAL…

Yay! It worked!

:happydance: It looks great!!

What does KH mean? Hahahahahahahaha Just joking lol:roflhard:
Looks great . :slight_smile:
KH ROCKS !!!:woot:

Congrats! It looks great! What fun!!

looks terrific and the laptop you knitted looks so real…:roflhard: :rofl:

[I][B]It looks GREAT![/B][/I]

And congrats on re-sizing the photo! :thumbsup:

That made me laugh out loud!!! Thanks, I needed that!!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

I used the links you provided and it worked just fine. I’ve bookmarked it now. :woohoo:
OOPS!!! I mean the link Jan in CA posted… sheesh, senior moment or just a loooong day…


Your FO looks fantastic, lelvsdgs. :thumbsup: