FO: Finally Finished! Viking Knits Cabled Scarf!

Well, I never thought the day would come! I finally finished this Viking Knits Cabled scarf! It is my pattern, sorta. I took the Viking Cable pattern from Elsebeth Lavold’s first book, then added other stitches around it to make it into a scarf.

I originally had big ideas to make this scarf 70" long. :doh:
But, alas, the boredom got to me. I settled for 48".
For short me (5’ tall, barely)…48" will do! If this had been a gift
scarf for a tall guy, I woulda continued. I have 3 skeins of the Rowan Tapestry still remaining, which will become a hat and fingerless gloves (maybe “Fetching”!) someday. But, not now.

I blocked the scarf using wires and heavy mist. It really made short work of the blocking process! No more pin “pulls/pimples”!
And, the heavy misting really tamed the scarf pattern cables.

Well here are my photos, overkill once again! :thumbsup:

Around the neck view:

Another view:

A closeup view of my cables using Rowan Tapestry. Three skeins, btw.

Here is a photo (below) of the diagram/sketch of the cable, as seen in the pages of her book. I want to give credit where credit is due! Her book is still on sale at by the way. Click HERE

I love it and that colorway is beautiful. :thumbsup:

Could you write a pattern for that? I’d love to make one of those.

I absolutely love it. I love the cable and the colorway. I can’t wait to start some fancier cables after my Christmas knittin is done.

The scarf is really amazing. Your work is beautiful, as usual.

Gorgeous, I wish I liked doing cables or I’d try my hand at something so detailed, lovely!!

What a beautiful work! This Viking Knitting is a must-have, apparently! And the Rowan Tapestry colours give a sort of a northern, Scandinavian look to it…:heart:

How did you block it with wire?

That is the most beautiful hand knitted scarf I’ve ever seen!

Sooooo pretty in that yarn! Just beautiful!!!:cheering:

Gorgeous knitting! I love Lavold’s cables.

It is absolutely beautiful! Good Job…wear it proudly!

:inlove: Wow! Very Beautiful!

I sent you a PM, Mason…detailing our options. Let me know!
Glad you like the scarf! Would it be for you? I see it as a very manly
scarf actually!

Hi Momwolf!

Here is a photo of blocking wires, and I am also sending you a couple additional closeup photos that show how they are used.

Blocking wires thread into the edge stitch, especially along the straight edges! It keeps an even, clean edge…and eliminates hours of pinning and pinning! My spares are laying across the top of my Central Park Hoodie. I took this photo for someone else over at the Ravelry CPH-KAL.

See them here, where I am pointing?

Here was my Viking Knits Cable Scarf, drying on the blocking board. You can’t see the wires real well because the color blends with the scarf!

Blocking wires are not expensive, however, they do best when used along with the blocking board, or something else that will allow you to “nail down” the wires. This scarf is 48" long…and I pulled it out wide to shape the curves of the middle Viking cables…so I used more pins to secure the wires. At no time did I pin the scarf itself. Only the wires. Places like and et all…sell the blocking boards and blocking wires sell separately.

Hope this helps!

Elsebeth is my FAVORITE designer!


:inlove: What a beautiful scarf!

Oh my, I am done in by the beauty of that scarf! The colorway IS fabulous, and your work just amazing!

What could we do to get you to write up your patterns and sell them somehow? I may never make it, but would be happy looking at the photographs.

Once again, AL, your artistry amazes me!

Oh, what a lovely, lovely scarf! I knew you had started it and I’ve been waiting for pictures of the finished scarf! The colorway is absolutely perfect for the pattern, and I love the way the color changes make the scarf appear wavy at times. It’s just beautiful!

Most beautiful scarf I’ve ever seen. A work of art!!:heart:

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