FO : FIL's socks

OYE - I am so glad these are done and in the mail !! My FIL asked for a hand knit pair of socks for Christmas, he specified blue and non-wool, so off to the LYS I went (last Oct) for Berroco sock yarn…I did great until I got to the heel and then pregnancy brain took over and I messed them up. Had to take them to my LYS to have her fix my heel turn and then give them back. Then I found out I had 4wks notice for a baby shower and was asked to make a baby blanket so socks went on hold. So here they are…hard to get a good shot of the design since they are so dark. Oh well - hope he LOVES them !

They look really nice! The design is very manly, and I am sure he will love them. Great job!

Very masculine. I bet my husband would like those.

Can I ask for the pattern?

Great socks! I really like the pattern!

Oooooo so nice! Love the pattern stitch!

Love them! What pattern did you use?

Thank you ladies for all the kind words. Would you believe my FIL called to say he loved them and they fit well and the late fee was going to be a second pair !!! I actually wouldn’t mind doing another pair for him, but I need something with more color and if he holds me to his original request of blue, no wool, that could be tough…
The pattern stitch was called a right twist (it is a tiny cable stitch with no cable needle) - I saw it online somewhere (for free) and then happened to notice it was in my Getting Started Knitting Socks book by Ann Budd. It is knit 4 rows in pattern and then 10 rows straight ribbing - so simple.

I love them! It’s almost the same pattern I’m using for my FIL’s socks. How weird is that?

Like everyone else said, those are great socks!

Ann Budd is a knitting and pattern designer genius. All her patterns are brilliant and I’ve never had any problems with them.

I’m glad that your FIL liked the socks, maybe he’ll go for a handsome gray this time?

They turned out great!! I actually have one started with this same stitch pattern!! :slight_smile:

Very nice socks! Maybe you’ll enjoy the second pair a bit more.

I like those a lot. I think I found the free pattern on, which I’m now trying to join… Thanks!

Comfy! The day will come when I have your courage and tackle socks as well.