Fo - fiery dragon scarf

So it took a [I]few[/I] months to complete. Knit some start something new, knit some more. Attach a piece; work on something else. Assemble remaining pieces on Christmas Eve for gifting the next day… You know how it goes!
Without further rambling…

[CENTER][I]:woohoo: [SIZE=4][COLOR=red]THE FIERY DRAGON SCARF![/COLOR][/SIZE]:woohoo: [/I]

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[LEFT][COLOR=red]PATTERN:[/COLOR] Fun Knits for Kids
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[INDENT][COLOR=darkorchid]Rambling afterthoughts: [/COLOR][/INDENT][INDENT]1.) [I]If[/I] I were to make another. I like the yarn, but buy 2 skeins of the variegated because I’d rather not use the pink parts, but like the rest.[/INDENT][INDENT]2.) Definitely keep the stitches live where the eyes go since I wound up picking up 12 sts on 2 adjacent rows anyway which was a pain. This will take thought [I]while[/I] knitting though.[/INDENT][INDENT]3.) Assemble the fire to the red mouth prior to adding it to the head. Because I wound up stitching a line across the red part to conceal the insertion of the fire and post assembly this made it difficult to get to.[/INDENT][INDENT]4.) consider knitting two at a time for front and back because the bottom stretched quite a bit with that pattern and I forgot how many rows I did for the front when beginning the bottom. :oops: [/INDENT][INDENT]5.) Stitch in the round? Would save all that seaming, but dragon body would be round and not flat… or maybe just [I]sew[/I] up the seams like the directions say instead of kitchener stitching them.[/INDENT][INDENT]6.) Make the fire a tad longer. That’s easy.[/INDENT][INDENT]7.) Figure out how to get the teeth to point down rather then out. And make the back teeth shorter than the front. ([I]Ha right, had a heck of a time crocheting them they way they are!)[/I][/INDENT][INDENT]8.) Transparent thread is a Godsend![/INDENT][INDENT]9.) And lastly, I do like the all knit parts rather than the pattern-mentioned felt parts. [/INDENT][INDENT]10.) When people ask you how long it took, LIE and tell them it was a breeze rather than this year’s response of “forever”. [/INDENT]

That is so cute! Great job! Your knight in shinning armor with his dragon is a real cutie.


Wow! That looks great, how cool!

WOW!Scarf and toy in one!:cheering:

VERY cute! Thanks for the rambling afterthoughts too!

That is awesome. I wish I knew a kid to make it for, but right now they are all too little for such a big scarf!

Waaaay cool! I love the fire.

Fantastic job for a fantastic little man. Congrats! It looks wonderful an so does your boy.

That’s really cool. I might just do it…

wowz that is really neat!

That’s so cute!!! I :heart: it and so does the model/receipient:thumbsup:


That is [B]sooooooo[/B] cool. Just awesome.

Thanks for all the nice replies!

Great scarf. Life should have a lot of this fun stuff. It looks like your son is VERY pleased with it.

What a cute scarf! You are much braver than me to tackle such a difficult project!

Wow your son is so lucky to have someone in their life that would take on such an intimidating project for them. I love that scarf.

Great Job Marni! Your scarf is one of my favorites that I’ve seen completed. I love that you knitted the eye detail and teeth. Very cool. Don’t be intimidated by the pattern, ladies. The knitting isn’t too hard. It’s just the finishing that takes time. Congrats on finishing it!!
Brooke (pattern author)

:happydance: how cute!! It looks great :thumbsup:

Oh my o my! This is just too way cute! I just love all these knitted things for kids these days! Those designers really rock!

Your knitting is just wonderful! :heart: Thanks for sharing your work and your family with us!