FO: Fetching

With much help from suzeeq and Ingrid :notworthy:, I got it finished today. I’ve never knit in the round before, so this was really a test run to see if I could do it.

I added 6 extra rows to the hand and thumb, because I wanted it to go up a little farther. I like it that way. The things I don’t like is that I have big hands so it stretches quite a bit. It’s worked in 4x1 rib, so I’m thinking if I add an extra 5 stitches, it should be cool. I decided to do a rib bind off instead of the picot one. I now see why they did the picot. It adds extra stitches so I’d imagine it makes it nice and loose. The rib bind off is kind of tight. Not uncomfortably so, just snugger than I’d like it to be.



I just started a pair last night and they are fun to knit. Did you use double pointed needles, two circulars, magic loop?

I find 5 sticks and a string a lot to keep track of in such a tight space when doing the cables–it’s kind of comedy!

Thanks! :smiley:

I used DPN’s. Uhhh, do I get kicked out of the knitting club if I tell you I don’t even know what a magic loop is? :teehee:

Very pretty!!

Magic loop is a technique that uses one long circular needle to do small-diameter circular knitting. There’s a video here.

They are lovely. These are on my to do list… very long list!

Very pretty color!! I’m working on my first one right now! If it doesn’t come out right, I’ll just frog it and start over!

Very pretty :cheering:

Very pretty. I have this on my to do list. My to do list is so long that I am not sure when I can get to it, though. I am knitting up a storm for my two new additions.

That’s so pretty! I really like that pattern too.

:heart: love the color :heart:

Cool! What yarn did you use?

I used Caron Simply Soft in Soft Blue. Honestly, it’s not my favorite color, it’s just the first one I grabbed.

So far I’ve only knit with cheap acrylic yarns because I haven’t felt that my knitting is good enough to use a nice yarn. I’ve been knitting so much lately, I’ve really gotten the hang of it. I’m going to go to an actual yarn store to look for some nice yarns next week. :cheering:

Sabrina- watch out for those LYS. They tend to suck the money right outta ya :teehee: It’s all over once you walk in. You deserve nice yarn. Your knitting looks great to me.

Love those,nice color too.knitting in the round not so bad after you do it once :frog: Good job on gloves :cheering: