FO - fetching from knitty

i knit these in less than a day (totally amazed with myself) so i could give them to a friend for her birthday today. i used [SIZE=-1]Araucania Atacama in ocean, size 6 DPN.


They look great! I just bought yarn for these too. :slight_smile:

They look great! I really like the colors.

They look great, well done! :cheering:

Ooh, lovely!! Wonderful yarn for these.

They’re beautiful!! Your friend is a lucky gal :slight_smile:

Those look great. They are on my to knit list at some point. :lol:

Woo-hoo! Those are really pretty, that yarn is gorgeous!

I made these also with cashmere yarn. I had trouble with the picot edge lying flat. Did you change the edging? Can’t tell from the photo.

macka, I had trouble with that too! Those picots threw me for a loop :lol: I couldn’t resist!! hehe… I think if I were to do these again, I would use something else, that would hug the hand, not curl away.

Of course I have no idea what that might be! :??

I still love these, though, they are so pretty!

i did the picot edging, and it does curl away from the fingers - maybe if you blocked it, you might get it to lie flat…i didn’t have time for blocking, as i wanted to get these in the mail!