FO: Felted tote bag

Here is my first felted project. This is the Suki tote bag from Knitty. I used Brown Sheep Naturespun worsted. It took 4 cycles to felt.

When I first started coming to this site, I thought why would anyone want to “ruin” their knitting by throwing it in the washing machine. However, it was actually kind of fun to do. The knitting was really quick on size 11 needles. I think I’ll make a booga one of these days.

Great job!! I love :inlove: the colors!

Wow, so pretty! :inlove:

What gorgeous colors! Great job!

Such pretty colors! I love it!

Love the bag! Very pretty colors. :heart: :heart:

Wonderful job!

Looks great! Glad you decided to take the plunge with felting!! :smiley:

Nice. I have to ask - when you guys do your own stripes, do you use any sort of “formula” or pattern? Your stripes just look so well thought out…

Ooooo! Just my colors! Very nice! Is this one easy to knit? I made a booga but I need something a bit bigger and this one looks bigger than the booga!

Love the colors! Great job! :thumbsup:

Great job :happydance: fun isn’t it. I’m hooked on baskets for Easter. Got 4 done one more to go.

It was very very easy to knit. The stripes are a result of my making a mistake in the beginning and then I had to re-think them to make it work. I just figured it out based on how many rows the whole thing would be. However, it doesn’t really need to be precise - just make it however you want.

:smiley: Lovely bag…don’t you just love felting since you’ve now taken the plunge :wink:

Love the bag and the colors!!! I also saw your socks great job!! :thumbsup:

yeahh the kids are in bed… things are quiet tonight so thought I’d play catch up on this thread lol

Gorgeous bag! :thumbsup: