FO: Felted strap bag (first felt!)

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Hey guys! :waving: I finally got around to felting my bag. It was my first time felting anything, besides a swatch. I’m really happy how it turned out and I want to felt more!!! :cheering:
Here’s a before picture(click to make bigger):

I think a bag was great for a first felt project. And the joining two color strands together was like magic, felting by hand. Check out Amy’s video on it.

And another FO:


That is so cool
Wow, I love the pattern and the shape and everything. Its so nice to see a GOOD-LOOKING felted bag. I went looking through patterns FOREVER before i found any good ones. Can you believe that there are THAT many ugly bags in the world? Anyway, It looks awesome.
Where did you get the pattern?

P.S. the second FO is cool too

Ooh, I love it! Nicely shaped bag, and the color combination is awesome. Great job!

Great job. Love the hat too. What yarn did you use for it?

Everything looks great!

Great job!! :happydance:

Both items look great! I agree, the felted join is awesome. :slight_smile:

Great job on both of them. :thumbsup:

MaleKnitter- I got this pattern from Lion Brand. I did change it a bit, because I only wanted one strap, not 2.

Sue- I used Lion Wool :slight_smile:

great bag, and I love the color combination on that hat.

The bag looks great. I’m working on my first felting project and am itching to get to the felting part.