FO - Felted Sling Bag

I made this for my DD for Xmas. I used Patons SWS in Natural Garden - she loves it!



Lovely job. I can see why she loves it!

Beautiful job. Love the colors.

:happydance: I love the colors…it looks great :thumbsup:

Looks great . I like the lining :slight_smile:

Pretty! :inlove:

That is really pretty…great job!

And she should love it! :heart: IT IS GORGEOUS! :cheering:

I just love these knitted and/or felted bags we’re seeing this past year! Wonderful! I have 3 of my first BOOGA BAGS on the queue for next week, and the next week!

Wish me luck! I hope they turn out half as well as your bag did!
Very nice work!

Thanks everyone!! I usually get her imput on the pattern and yarn when making her something, so I’m alway a bit anxious when I’m planning to surprise her. We know each other inside out so I can usually predict what she’ll like and what she won’t, but still …

Good luck ArtLady!! You know, I haven’t made a Booga Bag yet either. I may have to put that on my to do list for this year! Thanks for the reminder.

Lovely bag, I like the way the colors blend together,and that you took the time to line it.

Nice … thanks for sharing!!!

OOOHHHHH pretty…

Thanks!! I just may have to make myself one too. :happydance:

Looks great!

Very pretty!

Ooh, I like that! Beautiful colors, and a great job on the lining. Nice work.

I love it too!!! Great job!! What pattern is that? I want one too :teehee:

Thanks Hilary - I’m having a devil of a time finding this pattern again!!! I did find a blog that mentioned it and said she got the pattern from Knitty Chick. There are so many patterns to sift through though, I haven’t found it again. She made some variations to it and posted her version of it on her blog. It’s about 1/3 of the way down on this link (hope it works):

It’s lovely. Great color choice!