FO: Felted Pumpkin :-)

New finished object! Felted pumpkin. This is knit in the round with only one seam! It is felted and stuffed. I designed this and made it into a complete kit for two LYS around here. I think it is quite cute! I am also putting the kit on my site too, and making a collection of tiny pumpkins for my 5 month old’s first halloween! :happydance:

This is one of the most precious things EVER!!! I LOVE THIS! WTG!!! Did I mention this is just TOOO cute? So, are you selling/sharing the pattern? My mom would love this for her fall decor!

Awwwwwwwe cute :cheering:

Good timing with fall coming! It’s so cute!

Thanks! I am quite pleased with it if I do say so myself! :slight_smile:
It is for sale here:
Its a kit that includes everything but the needles (10.5 dpn) We decided to do it as a kit because it uses very little of the green skein and I HATE partial skeins lying around AND searching for stuffing when I make something stuffed!

Super, super cute!! :slight_smile:


That is so cute! :thumbsup:

Its so cute!!


Very very cute.

That is so cute! I might have to find a pattern, I actually have yarn I could use for this!

That is just the cutest thing!!!

I found a pattern!

That is adorable!

That is really cute!!! I also checked out your etsy shop. Some beautiful yarn! I might need to have it.
Is your location Mt. Airy as in PA?

Absolutely adorable!

No I am in Mount Airy, NC! Thanks for the compliments on the yarn and the pumpkin!

That’s a cute pattern too. I guess I am partial to mine because I hate to seam, I prefer to knit in the round.

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