FO- Felted Pumpkin

I found this pattern on Knitty- made a few modifications & used some WOTA that I had in my stash. I think I might make a few more :smiley:

I’m excited to see that the KH monthly challenge is felting! Not sure if I’ll do more pumpkins or try the button hole bag from Mason Dixon…
decisions decisions!

Oh how fun that is! What a great idea for autumn decorating! Nice job on it!

Utter, complete CUTENESS!

Thanks guys!!

I love your pumpkin…so cute. Is it needle felted or wash felted?? I did two santa claus faces that were needle felted. It was fun.

That is one cute pumpkin! :heart: it!

:inlove: :inlove:

Completely nifty! I just love it!

Beautiful job!

Too cute! :thumbsup:

Love you punkin :wink:

That is so cute! Nice to have it done way before the “season” for it.


omg! i love it… its so cute :slight_smile:

hah thats brilliant! Love it :slight_smile:

I love it!

Friday evening I was facing the finish work for a sweater…so I went looking for my next project…and I came across those same pumpkins. I got the yarn Saturday and started last night…after being a good girl of finishing my sweater.

Ive got almost 5 sections. I hope mind turns out half as well as yours, then I will be thrilled.

That’s so cool! I have yet to felt anything, but felted stuff is really awsome :heart: :heart: :heart: