FO: Felted Mosaic Booga Bag

I made this as a gift for my doctor, who left for a different job. I got a bin full of wool (for free!) from my sister-in-law’s boyfriend’s mother, so I used some from there. I didn’t want just stripes, so I taught myself slip-stitch knitting in the round. I learned a lot, and now I know how make my next one even better!
The wool was Galway colors 104 and 44. It took about ten minutes to felt in my front-loading washer – I’m glad I checked it early on!
I took the pictures on my kitchen floor so I can see how much it shrinks with the tiles as a reference.

It looks fantastic! Great job :slight_smile:

Oh, that is beautiful!!!

It looks great, very southwestern feel to it ! I am sure she will love it

That is really beautiful!

That’s great :thumbsup:

THAT is beautiful!!

That’s great! It looks awesome with the slip stitching! :thumbsup:

Great job… very nice :happydance:

:cheering: Super terrific!!! I’ve been wanting to make something like that.

How did the 2 colors felt on the inside…were there any issues???

I’ve made a couple of swatches trying something similar to the little squares you made. I wanted a 60’s-ish look to the bag. Though both yarns on my swatch were Patons, one color seemed to shrink more than another, or they shrunk unevenly when I did the design…So I’ve been afraid to try this.

that looks great!!! i love how the colors look together

That is sooooo cool! :drool: I’m doing a booga bag right now, my first felting project. I like how you did the size reference with the tiles.

Very clever design, lucky doctor.

Really nice !!! I haven’t tried felting yet.

Wow, its so pretty! :cheering:

That pattern is beautiful! It adds so much to the bag! I’m sure it was loved!

Thanks everyone for all your comments! I haven’t posted pictures before, and I’m so glad I did. I feel almost like a real knitter now since so many people who actually can knit (as opposed to my family and friends) like what I’ve done.

Arielluria: I didn’t have any issues with the inside – the strands across the slipped stitches felted together nicely (my 7YO DS said he liked the inside better!)
Both colors felted well – I’d heard that white doesn’t felt well – this is an off-white, yellowy beige color – but it was fine.
The areas with the designs ended up being knit tighter than the plain knitting, so those parts were smaller after felting. I managed to stretch it while wet. Next time I do mosaic knitting within areas of solid colors, I will try to keep those stitches really loose, or even go up a needle size just for the design.
Also, you’ll notice that unfelted, the squares were rectangles, then after felting turned into squares. I made them tall on purpose, since felting shrinks things more tall-wise than width-wise. The squares were actually twice as many rows tall than stitches wide, if that makes sense.
Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to answer any questions people may have so that you will be ahead of the game if you start designing something like this (unlike me – I frogged quite a bit – I’m a perfectionist when making things for other people)
I highly recommend felting, and slip-stitching designs! Thanks again for all the comments!:muah:

That is cool. Another technique to learn.

It looks amazing!

HI! :waving:

I am in awe! :passedout: Gorgeous, warm colors…wonderfully knit! A true knitted artwork!