Fo:felted lamb

This is from fiber trends felted flock pattern .He still needs to dry and then I will add some eyes.

How cute is that!!! Love it!

I love it. Great job! :cheering:

So cute, you did such a great job!! :cheering:

Awwww he’s adorable!

He is soooo cute!

Awww, I love it! So cute.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: He’s adorable!!!

Felted FLOCK~~~ Too cute~~ :cheering: :cheering:

I want to try that pattern so bad!!! I have a horrible history w/ knitting animals so I’m a little afraid–was it hard? Yours looks beautiful!!

Very cute!!! It turned out beautifully. How hard was it?

It wasn’t hard at all. Try it!

Hi blueeyes:
Your felted lamb is a real cutie. The Fiber Trends felted lamb pattern is one of my favorites, it is the pattern that made me decide to give knitting one more try. The Fiber Trends staff is very helpful if you are stuck at a point in the pattern and have a question. I think the Lamb pattern is a nice medium to advance beginner pattern; since you learn and or do some shaping, sewing, picking up of stitches and the felting hides most blunders should they occur.

I gotta tell you…I have been back to visit the picture of your lamb every day since it was posted…and more than once a day. It’s just so cute! I love it!


Thanks everyone! :muah: Anyone who hasn’t already tried it should it is a fun quick knit.

He is soooo cute!! I think I might have to try it! What yarns did you use?

I used cascade 220 in black and doeskin heather if you want to make a white lamb make sure to get the natural instead of white because the white won’t felt .