FO: Felted Denise needle bag

The pattern is found here. Pretty easy knit and I love the finished product!! The pictures do not do the bag justice!

Looks great!

Just noticed you are in Ft. Lauderdale…my MIL is there half the year. We love visiting.

What a great idea - the colors are lovely!

It looks great! Did you dye the yarn yourself?

Nope, I didn’t dye it, though it is hand dyed. I picked it up at my LYS :thumbsup: .

Very cute!

Your Denise bag came out wonderful!!! :cheering: I hope mine will look as nice. I’m still waiting on the skein of Noro yarn to arrive via mail so I can finish it.
:XX: :XX:

:smiley: I love it…I may have to make one for my Denises (lol, I said that when I 1st saw the pattern, but didn’t do it :rollseyes: )

I love that!

Great job!! :cheering:

Thats lovely :slight_smile:

Very cool! Love the idea!


Your bag looks great!! :happydance:

Great job!! :thumbsup: