FO - Felted Clogs

I finally got these done, felted and the non-skid applied. Love them!

I used the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs pattern. The yarn on the red pair with the brown sole is Ella Rae Classic Solid held double. The yarn on the purple ones is Ella Rae Classic Solid held double on the sole and held with Manos del Uruguay Maxima for the upper.

We tried using rug backing (from Michaels) and it’s white and rather hard to apply. I had put dots and two coats wasn’t grippy. So I bought some Performix Super Grip for fabric from Amazon and we applied 3 coats. It’s clear and boy is it grippy!!! It’s a little squeaky at first, but better than slipping which I’m prone to do. :teehee:

Mine are the purple ones, DH’s are the dark red with brown soles.

Marvelous clogs! Love’em, love’em, love’em!!! :yay:

Oh, those turned out really well. The colors are gorgeous and thanks for the tips on making the soles grip.

Those are fabulous! Not slipping is fabulous too. They should keep toes nice and warm.

Terrific and thanks for the tip about the grip. I was told to use fabric paint, which works ok, but then with the felting I found the darn stuff peels off fairly quickly so I am going to get some of this stuff you suggest. They really look quite cozy and warm

Those are great looking clogs, and I really hope your fix for the grips keeps you firm and steady. We don’t need you falling or tripping or even sliding into first base!!

Thanks for sharing your photos and your experience!

Thanks everyone!

Any treatment should be done after felting. As I understand it the puffy paint can lose it’s grip fairly quickly. I haven’t tried that one though. Decided to try something that was specially for that purpose because I figured it would work better.

Use in a well ventilated area (outside is good). I believe it suggested 3 light coats which is what we did letting each dry overnight. The can also says it can lose it’s grippiness over time, but you only have to give it another spray.

Here’s something else I found after the fact and these might be worth a try as well.

WoW! Those are great!

How long does the entire process take?
Great Job!

Oh way longer than it should. I tend to put things down, start something else, pick the first back up, etc. :lol: You’re using fairly large needles with double yarn so they go pretty quick. You do need to pay attention especially the first time with the decreases/increases and short rows. It’s not hard to do though.


Great clogs! I have another question – how do you shape them after felting? I’ve seen the unfelted huge and flat clogs on some pictures so it puzzles me :slight_smile:

Thanks! Strangely I didn’t have to do anything! I put the giant unfelted clogs in two lingerie bags (1 in each) and toss them in with very hot water, a little detergent and a pair of old jeans on a fairly low water level. I check every 10 min or so. Don’t ask me how long it took… I don’t remember… :lol: They came out just about the right shape. I put them on my foot each time to test the size. I have a friend who said you should wear them around when they are done to help shape them, but wet, felted clogs were icky so I didn’t and they were fine.

LOVE, Love, LoVe!!

Very nice. :heart: I love this pattern.

Great work, Jan! I’ve never tried the felted clogs, but you are inspiring me to get with it! They look so nice, AND USEFUL, too!

What ArtLady said…if I can find the pattern I bought five years ago!

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Love, love, love 'em!!!

Thanks everyone!

Dollyce, they were fun to do and pretty quick. As fast you knit you’ll have them done in couple days. :teehee:

I will say that the yarn I used felted great, but it’s not particularly soft. Also the double sole feels cushy at first, but gets crushed pretty quickly. This of course doesn’t make them less beautiful or less useful, but thought I’d give my thoughts. Does anyone know if some wools are softer when felted than others?

ETA: I should also add that I have sensitive skin plus some nerve damage in my feet that causes problems. The yarn used for mine should be perfectly fine for normal skin.

They turned out awesome! I’ll have to get around to trying felting one of these days …