FO - Felted Clogs

Finished these today, just in time for my li’l sister’s birthday gift (she’s a grown up 25 tomorrow! :heart: )


Modeled by my DD for scale :slight_smile:


Pattern: Fiber Trends Adult Clogs
Yarn: Cascade 220 Quatro and Heathers (Colors unknown because my stash has eaten the ball bands)
Almost 400 yds of the brown heather, and nearly 200 yds of the burnt orange (knit for a size 8 1/2)
Started: March 11th
Finished: March 17th

Many thanks to all who have posted in the KH Knit A Long; I finally braved these, and I’m so glad I did. Felting and short row shaping both still give me the giggles - they’re like magic! :teehee:

they are so fashionable! and I just love all the pre-felting pics from these… especially with models for scale… :teehee:

Oh I like those colors! Who cares if they get dirty! :teehee:

Precisely Jan!! :teehee:

Those look great. All the FT Clog pre-felted pics with models for scale crack me up every time.