FO Felted Clogs YAY!

Clogs are done :woot: :cheering: :yay: They are still wet in the pictures I couldn’t wait for them to dry to share with you all!! What do you think?

I think this pic is better :aww:

Love them! Great job!

They look perfect!

Fantastic! Love those colors and the fuzzy cuffs!

They look wonderful. I like the fringe on them, it dresses them up nicely. Those will keep your toes nice and toasty. Good job!

Love that outrageous purple! Great Job!

They are adorable!! Great color combination :slight_smile:

Those look great!!! :yay:

:thumbsup: Those look terrific! Are they for you?

Yes!! This is the first thing I have made for myself!! :slight_smile:

They look fantastic. You must be so pleased at the way they turned out.

They are so cool and a favorite color of mine! I have the pattern I just haven’t had time to make them…so once again seeing someone else finish something I have on MY list makes me want to start, but I swore I would finish what I’m knitting NOW!!,

I hope they are for you!


:yay: Very nice! you will love them. My D.D. and myself wear our’s all the time. love the purple too :thumbsup:

they look fantastic!

They look great!

They are beautiful. My daughter loves them also.

Fab colour they look lovely and comfy x

They look beautiful and i just love that colour :slight_smile:

So cute and cozy. Love them!