FO- Felted Clog Slippers

I made these for my husband. I used worsted weight yarn that I bought at Michaels.

Love them :inlove: Mine would like a pair too. Are you working on yours now? :wink:

They are already finished. My husband says they feel too wide but I don’t know how to fix that because they are already felted. I think he just has really narrow feet.

Nice! I like those colors! :thumbsup:

Love, love!!!

Muy fabuloso! :thumbsup:

I think they turned out great! I like the colors, they remind me of the beach and ocean!

They might shrink if you run them through the wash one more time.

They look great!

Great job! You can always felt them again if you want to shrink a bit more–just make sure to check the size frequently!

Yep, run them through another wash cycle, though you might run the risk of making them shorter rather than more narrow… :thinking: Definitely check them often! (Measure length and width before putting them in the wash–don’t trust your eyes.)

They look beautiful, though–fantastic job! :inlove: And the colors you’ve used complement each other really well!