FO: Felted Bowls and Pots in use!

I frogged a 7 yr old (NORO Kureyon) Cabled Cardigan. It was old and tired. I wasn’t wearing it anymore, but the yarn is too nice to waste. So I “recycled” the yarn by deconstructing the sweater, piece by piece…and frogged each piece, and wound up all 10 skeins of the yarn into baseball size balls! Oy vey!

Then I began to knit some felted bowls. I found the pattern at Ravelry: Large Shallow Felted Bowl.

I knit bowl #1 as per pattern, but bowls 2-4 are modified.
Here’s a photo of the first 3 bowls, drying in the March sunshine.

Here is myRavelry project page, in case you’d like to read notes for the modifications on bowls 2-5.

Edited: Here are the other two bowls, small size. They are still wet, but
for the most part, the photo is accurate. Need to trim numerous wild hairs!

What a great way to recycle that yarn! May I ask what you’re going to do with the bowls?

I’m going to use one of them for my knitting doo-dads on the end table where I knit. Just the doo-dads that I’m using for the most current project(s). My end table always looks so darn messy. I thought a felted bowl would be just the thing! Prolly this bowl cuz it’s real shallow and I can see what’s what:

Another one of the bowls will ‘hold’ my camera accessories on the table in our trailer up in the mountains. I’ve been using a clunky basket for them, but only out of desperation. Prolly this bowl:

Another bowl will hold ‘working’ balls of yarn. I might put the felted bowl on the floor, and pull the yarn up from it. Prolly this bowl for that use:

I’ve knit two smaller bowls last night and today, but they aren’t felted yet. They will be quite a bit smaller. They will hold miscellaneous knitting accouterments, too! Or maybe a single ball of working yarn. Especially the balls of yarn that roll around as you pull the working strand. Or maybe I’ll use one of them for a “yarn wastebasket”. To throw in yarn and thread tidbits that you trim and cut as you work.

Here they are, unfelted:

Modified from the original pattern quite a bit,
but decreases and general construction the same.
Here are my notes for the small bowls.
Bowl #4 and Bowl #5

I can hardly wait to see how they SHAPE UP after felting!

Well, these two small bowls are still wet, and stuffed with terry cloths…but here they are!

I added one strand of brown dk wt “washable merino” with the 2 strands of Kureyon for the “lip” of this bowl. This is why the lip is fluted. The strand of washable merino prevented the lip from felting as tightly as it would without. It is still felted, but not as tightly.

Here’s the other guy. His “lip” was Noro IRO with another strand of worsted. See how his “lip” is not fluted.

Here they were, before felting:

When they are both bone dry, I have numerous little ‘thingies’ to clip off of them. Might also give these two guys a little hair cut!

Love them Dollyce!! I haven’t felted in quite a while and am itching to get back to it. Love the way you took this basic pattern and made it your own. And what a great way to recylce a sweater you weren’t using anymore. Kudos!!

Love, love, love them! :heart: What a great way to re-purpose such nice yarn! I’d like to try them…might make cute plant “baskets”!

What a really cool way to recycle an old sweater! They are really neat and so useful! Great job!

Wow, those are cool! I like the way that the strand of washable yarn made the top fan out. That is maybe a good way of making a hat edge on a felted hat. :thumbsup:

Your bowls are awesome !! Felted bowls and a felted basket are on my list of things to make, I just don’t know what I would do with them. I was actually thinking I would make a larger/shallow one as a hostess gift for the lady who is hosting my baby shower…

They look lovely. And great you could re-use the yarn!

Excellent idea and great execution!

Ingenious! :open_mouth:

Here are a couple of photos of my bowls and pots put to good use!

The 3 pots above are holding my everyday knitting accessories.

This pot above is holding my nano i-Pod, the earphones, and the earphones
for my DVD player, in use when DH is watching something totally uninteresting on the TV!

This pot is holding 14 balls of frogged Silky Tweed that I’m currently re-knitting.

For now, this bowl is sitting on my coffee table, waiting for vacation! She
will be used to hold my camera accessories up in the cabin in the mountains.

What an awesome job of recycling Dollyce!! Love what you did with them and how you’re using them!!

Oh I just love them!! I like them just as much un-felted as felted.
(Maybe it’s because I accidentally felted an afghan that my grandmother crocheted years ago, but I like to see the stitches…each little one.)

they look fantastic! and thanks for posting the additional pictures showing them “in use” … looks like they’re really coming in handy for storing all kinds of odds and ends! :cheering:

I know what you mean! I almost hated to felt them!
But, unfelted, they were basically HATS! :teehee:

Gosh these are FANTASTIC…great way to re-use your yarn…I LOVE THIS…I am addicted to felting!

Thanks! They’re proving to be very useful in organizing my knitting space! yay!