FO: Felted Bag

This is my latest project, a felted bag. Before felting;

And afterward. I should not have left it in so long. The pocket measured 6x4. Now it is 4x2. That is a size 9 /16"circular needle.

It was so hairy when finished. I used my husbands hair clippers to shave it. If you look close you can see that it still needs more work.

I’m sorry it “stayed in too long,” but what an adorable (hairy) little bag. Don’t worry. You’ll get it shaved down to perfection soon.

It looks great! You’ve learned something for the next time and in the meantime, you have a very pretty bag. Congrats on a job well done!

That’s really cute!

I think the bag is lovely. :slight_smile:

Really cute, cute bag. I think different wool yarn comes out differently. Some felt really quickly and others seem to take forever. She looks good after her “shave” though! :wink:

It looks great!!

Very well done…
Experience is what you get, when you didn’t get what you wanted!!

[COLOR=Blue][B]OH WOW! [/B][/COLOR] I love your new bag!!! Perfect in every way!!!

Is the pattern your own design? Or, can we find it somewhere??? (hope hope) Crossed Fingers

Beautiful felted bag! love the color scheme

It was a knit as you go thing. I had an idea how I wanted it to be and went for it using left overs. The cream and blue-green are tapestry wool, but soft. The blue-green was a lemon grass color that I redyed with dark purple kool-aid. It held its’ color too after 20 minutes in a hot felting bath.

Thanks. I don’t know what I’ll do with. I’ll not use it as it is.

I am making a diaper bag. I have never felted anything before in this manner (in hot wash). My bag like yours also has pockets. What prevents the pocket from sticking to the side pieces?

It is cute as can be – sorry it is too small.

Are you asking what keeps the pocket from adhereing to the bag itself while being felted? I don’t know. Mine did not felt onto the bag. The pieces remained separate. Good luck with yours.

I won’t be using this bag. So, if anyone would like to have it, send me a pm.

I spend too much time on Facebook - I keep looking for the “like” button. :shock:

I think it’s a great bag!

That bag looks really good! :slight_smile: I’m trying to figure out how to do pockets. You have to knit it first, then sew it on, right?

You could do it that way.
This is how I did it.
I worked the bag from the bottom up in the round.
When I got to the place where I wanted the pocket bottom to start I placed a safety pin at the center of the row.
I decided how many stitches were needed for the width, divide that number in half.
Use 30 for example: work up to 15 sts before row center, work the next 30 stitches in front [B]and back[/B].
When you get back around to the beginning slowly separate the front stitches from the back stitches by knitting all of the original stitches and placing the extra sts (ones worked in the back) onto an extra needle or safety yarn and hold in the front of work (hold in the back if you want the pocket on the inside.
Leave the extra sts until you have finished the bag then comeback and work on these sts until you reach the desired height of the pocket.
Then hand sew the sides in place.

Hope this helps you.