FO - Featherweight Cardigan

I finally got this off my needles after almost two months. My daughter will be graduating from high school next week, and her soccer schedule has been crazy. Plus, I proctored 12 AP exams over the course of two weeks…lots of sitting time but no knitting time!

Anyhoo, I present my first ever sweater…the Featherweight Cardigan. The pattern is not free, but you can find more info about it here.

I turned 40 the end of March. I took the day off and went on a yarn crawl. The hubster let me treat myself to yarn, and the Misti Alpaca Lace (Color #18) jumped into my arms (along with three or four skeins of other yarn :rofl:).


I used 115 grams (a little over one skein). This is lace yarn, so the knitting was S-L-O-W. I used size 4 needles, I think. If I had to do it over, I would go up to a 6.

I knit the ribbing on the cuffs, bottom, and collar and edging in a 1x1 rib after reading others’ accounts of the stockinette curling.

On to the pictures!



Thanks for looking, all!!


Looks beautiful! :yay: A labor of love but definately worth it! And, what gorgeous yarn!!!


I love that sweater, but I thought you had to use tiny needles since the yarn is so fine! Nice that you could use bigger ones. Not sure about all that stockinette though. :lol:

Beautiful! And happy belated birthday!


When I was contemplating the purchase of the yarn, the store employee pulled up this pattern, which someone else in her shop had knit. The beauty of it is that you CAN (and IMHO should) knit it with larger needles. That, along with the weight of the yarn, is what makes it featherweight. You do not wind up with a bulky, heavy sweater.

sooo pretty nice work

I knew when I saw the yarn hanks that your sweater was going to be gorgeous… and I was right! Great fit too!

Really beautiful! I love the look of sweaters with fien guage but I don’t think I would ever have the patience. Hats off to you!

Beautiful knitting! Perfect fit and a lovely yarn choice.

Gorgeous yarn … I love the color! You did a great job too! I love the lightweight look of the sweater, I may have to check out that pattern! :cheering:

That is so pretty! Very feminine, like the light colors too…

It’s absolutely perfect! I love the colors, and the weight of the yarn. I really like the full-length sleeves. Great fit, too!

It turned out gorgeous!! You will so love wearing it!

Very pretty!!

Beautiful Nathalie! Perfect summer sweater!

Wonderful work! I just adore this sweater! My knitting buddy over at Ravelry has been knitting sweaters lately, using lighter weight yarn like you did! She loves them, they’re so versatile, not too hot!

Anyhoo, your sweater is a work of art!

Y’all comments make me feel so good! Thanks, all!!

I really wish I’d gone up two needle sizes for this. It’s a snug fit in the arms, but live and learn! If I do another one in lightweight yarn, I will definitely remember this.

Oh, and ArtLady, I really think the lighter yarn is the way for me to go. Living in Florida makes it a good call.

Thanks again, all!!


Beautiful sweater!