FO: Featherweight Cardigan

Love, LOVE this sweater. It turned out exactly the way I had hoped. Very light and “swingy.” The pattern is Hannah Fettig’s Featherweight Cardigan. I used KnitPicks Shadow in the colorway Juniper and held it doubled. Tubular bind-off on all the edges.

:heart: Wow! That sure is pretty and looks very nice on you.

Wow, it’s beautiful!!

Really beautiful sweater, and it looks great on you. Perfect color.

love the lines!

It looks beautiful on you. This sweater is actually in my queue. I’ve got the yarn, purchased the download…now all I need is the time to knit it. I just love yours.

beautiful work and I love! the colour.

Wow! I can see why you love it!!! it turned out gorgeous! Beautiful job!

WOW!!! Nice quality work. I love the color too. Great job.

Beautiful job on the cardi and I love the colorway!

That is some gorgeous knitting! :notworthy:

That is just GORGEOUS! I SO like the color on you!!

Looks terrific!

That is gorgeous!!! I love the color.

Slim, the sweater looks amazing on you! I love your hair too! Is it a new do?

wowwwwwwwwwww’s its os gr8 n el done …its beautiful esp. the color

Thanks! It’s not an intentional change in hairstyle – just curly hair doing what it does.

A perfect little cardi! Your knitting is always impeccable! Good pairing, yarn-pattern, too!

That looks great! Perfect fit and color!

Wow, what beautiful sweater!