FO: Feather and Fan Short Scarf by Kelly Faller

I fell in love with this pattern back in May when I found it on Ravelry.

It’s for a lady in my ballroom dance class who kindly handed me down a dress for our performance in June.

The blocking turned out a bit wonky on the right side - me and the blocking wires fought a tremendous duel, and I’m not quite sure who won. :wink: But at least that’s a relatively easy fix.

The length and lace weight wool is perfect for down here in the south where you rarely need to do anything more than keep the wind off of your neck in the winter for a wee bit.

Oh that is gorgeous! What pattern did you use?

Thanks Jan!

I hope the Ravelry link comes through:

It’s über simple, and I loved the feather and fan without the purl ridge. One pattern row, and 3 of stockinette to make a smooth scarf. I hope Joann likes it!

Thanks! I bookmarked it!

I’m sure she’ll love it!

What a lovely thank you gift! I agree about the purl ridge especially for this wrap. Beautiful work.

:heart: your scarf! Nice work! Have added the pattern to my Ravelry library.


Just beautiful and she is one lucky lady!

Beee-U-tiful, Charlotte! And what a lovely, thoughtful gift, too!

BTW, I went to add this to my pattern library on Ravelry and realized I already had it in there. After seeing your creation, I’m thinking I might have to move this one to the top of the list. Thanks for the inspiration!! :slight_smile:

A lovely gift. I’ve always liked feather and fan. :thumbsup:

That’s gorgeous!