FO: feather and fan blanket UPDATED WITH PICS!

I just finished a feather and fan blanket i had started about a year ago when i first started knitting. its done in caron ss in the light pink. i had started it and finished about 10 inches or so and go sick of it so it put it on the side to do othe things and never got around to it again. my little cousin was turning 6 on Feb 7 and she loves light pink so i decided to finish it and give it to her for her bday. i used 5 skeins of the yarn but i never measured the blanket. but its the perfect size for her. she loved it and so did everyone else who saw it. i must admit that it does have a couple of mistakes at the begining but nothing noticable :slight_smile: will post pics when i get home.

Beautiful! I give you so much more credit for starting that as a beginner. I would love to make something like that right now but I think that I would be too overwhelmed.

So pretty!

you know figaro it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO simple!!! its only one row really that has yo’s and k2togs and stuff. as long as you count right you will get it. i was surprised at how simple it was really.
thank you for your kind words.

Hey, someone from my neck of the woods!

That blanket is way pretty! And a lot of work too. You’re little cousin’s a lucky gal.