FO: Fashion Cable Knit Handbag

Here is the pattern:,default,pd.html?start=30&cgid=projects-yarnandneedlecrafts-bagsandpurses

Now, I am notorious for overthinking and misreading a pattern, but my cable pattern did not turn out the same. I honestly think the pattern is wrong.

The good news is, the blind, non-knitting eye will not be able to tell.

Hoping my next one will turn out exactly as is. But this is ok for my first attempt.

I think it came out great!!!:inlove:

I love it! I don’t notice anything wrong at all, except maybe that you have it on your FO’s list and it’s not on mine.
Beautiful! :thumbsup:

How lovely! :inlove:

It is very pretty! I think you did a great job!:yay:

Looks cute!!

That is really cute! What yarn did you use?

Very well done! That will be lots of fun to carry and I’ll bet lots of people will want to know where to buy one. A most succssful “first attempt” indeed.

Thanks everyone! :muah:

I used Loops and Threads, Impeccable in [COLOR=“DimGray”]True Gray[/COLOR]. This was some leftover yarn from a different project so I decided to use that.

Looks pretty. I like the shape of the bag. :cheering:

Well! Even if you did “over-thunk” or misread the pattern, this is a lovely little purse, and I can’t see a [U]thing[/U] wrong with it. But I do see a whole lot right–great color, gorgeous cables, lovely use of ribbon, cute factor that’s out of this world, and all around wonderful finished object!

Hey, it looks terrific I think and I have always loved gray and pink together!! You did a great job!!!:muah:

Love the color and shape!!

Nice shaping and coloring.

It’s a great bag! Good job!