FO: Fan Lace Socks

Well, I [I]finally[/I] finished these! I’ve been working on them for about three months. My college classes have kept me busy, so I only got to work on them on the weekends. Plus, I had completed one sock and realized it was too big, so I had to frog it and start over. :wall:

Anyhow, here they are! It’s the pattern from SKS. They were my first toe-up socks. I made them out of Regia, and the color is Surf. They were done on size 2 dpns. Oh, and I did two different bind off’s. I kind of experimented. One was the picot bind off from the second SKS book, but it was really hard, and I messed up on it. I did a ribbed bo for the second sock, but it’s kind of tight. Lesson learned…

The first picture is a comparison of the first sock that I later frogged (on the right) and the second one (left) after I went down in needle size.

Here is the completed pair, in the correct gauge.

And a close-up of the pattern:

They look great!

BEAUTIMOUS!!! :inlove:

Really lovely socks - worth the wait - I have this book but haven’t made a sock yet! Did you find the pattern easy to follow - they look so nice and not at all bulky :cheering:

Very pretty! :cheering:

They look great!

Nathalie they are just great and I really like the color too!

Very pretty, I love the colors…reminds me of the beach!

Once I got the hang of the pattern, the rounds went quickly. It’s a lace pattern, so you have lots and lots of yo’s. I learned to count my lace stitches every lace round (every other round is simple k stitches with a few p’s thrown in – I didn’t have to count on those rounds).

It’s actually a 12 stitch, eight row/round repeat, so it’s not too bad. I memorized it after the first sock.

That’s exactly what I thought! That’s kind of why I chose the pattern. I live very close to the beach, so it’s appropriate.

Thanks for all of the nice comments, everyone. I just couldn’t wait to post these!


Beautiful socks!!! It’s interesting to see the comparison in the socks that were one needle size apart. So you started with size 3 and went to size 2?

great looking socks, I will have to try and do socks one of these days.

Those look great!! Lovely pattern :slight_smile:

Actually, I think I had started with 4’s. My knitting is very tight. I don’t remember if I did a gauge beforehand. I usually have to go up two needle sizes, so I might have assumed that I had to for this project as well. Live and learn. :wink: