Fo: falling water lace scarf

here it is! finally done! :woot:i started this scarf, i don’t even know when but i kept putting it aside for other projects and now it is done! i love it, it’s so soft and pretty and i can wear it all the time (that is, once it gets a bit cooler). the pattern can be found here:

i used ryc cashsoft 4 ply, i believe the color is called walnut. the first picture shows the texture of the scarf best. the second picture shows the color best. thanks for looking!

That is so pretty :happydance:

adding it to my to do list :teehee:

:inlove::cheering: gorgeous! great job! I love Cashsoft 4 ply! :inlove:

What a gorgeous scarf, I hope I can learn to do that someday. Nice choice of color for it, too!


That is so beautiful! And thansk for the link, I printed it for myself!:woot:

That’s beautiful! :cheering:

Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern.

very nice. I went to Mt. Holyoke – I wonder if that is a pattern a student made. we didn’t knit when I went there, we played a lot of bridge.

Gorgeous! What a classy scarf!

:heart::heart:Oh, thats so pretty :heart::heart:

Beautiful, classic scarf :cheering:

Oh, I love it! I’ve been wanting to make that scarf, and now that I see how beautiful yours is, I may start tonight! Thanks for posting!

It’s beautiful and definitely very wearable!

That is one beautiful scarf!!!

Beautiful!!! Love the color and your work is wonderful! Thanks for posting the pattern link. I love scarves and this one is on the list.:cheering:

That is just beautiful!!

That’s just lovely.

So intricate & pretty!!