FO: Fairy Doll

Well after my 9yoDS got his Dino and my 7yoDS got his Gingerbreadman it was my 4yoDDs turn. She chose a fairy doll but wanted the skirt and wings removable so she mostly just loves and snuggles her as a doll and she can dress her like a fairy when she wants. She chose all the colors, made her wand and crown herself and named her Taylor. She was already sleeping with her when she didn’t even have a face, hair or arms yet. LOL

Oh, the pattern was from Knitted Toys by Zoe Mellor and the yarn was Classic Cotton. Next time I make this I will use smaller needles so it isn’t so see through ykwim?

Well ! i think she is very sweet and your daughter looks over the moon with it.
As someone who makes a lot of toys . I have not made any by Zoe Mellor yet . But If you used the correct needle she stated in the pattern and the correct weight yarn then it could be a case that you have over stuffed the doll.
Good Luck with the next one . :slight_smile:

Your daughter is very cute with her doll. Love the fact that she got involved making her wand and crown makes it all the more special. great job

Line the pieces with the same color pantyhose as the yarn and stuffing won’t show through:teehee:

:thumbsup: Great job and she is a cutie!

Thanks Rita, I actually don’t think I did what it recommended (big shocker there) But I did try to do what my LYS recommended. I went to my LYS with my book to get the yarn and they did not have the exact yarn (Rowan Cotton Glace) so she recommended Cotton Classic (Tahki Stacy Charles inc). The pattern recommended sz 3 needles and the yarn recommended sz 6 needles so she told me to use a 5. So that’s what I did. The pattern says the doll will be approx 10 inches tall and the one I made is over 15 inches tall. So here is my question, if I make it again with the yarn I have left over from this project then should I use a 3 like the pattern says (which actually I don’t have one but could buy one if neccessary) or use a 4 since it is closer to the yarn suggestion? I never quite understand howto reconsile if there is a difference. Also good advice about the overstuffing I do tend to just keep smooshing it in there until I can’t smoosh anymore. LOL

Ohh, good idea, thanks. That might keep her from keeping pulling on the little fluffs that sneak out too. I’ll remember that idea for a future project.

That is just soooo adorable!!

You have to use a size 3.
If you use anything bigger your stitches will be loose . Most toys i make are on 3mm needles.
Normally the yarn used requires size 6 needles but you have to go to a size 3 to make sure the stitches are tight so when you stuff they will not show through.
You will also find that the finished doll will look neater and nicer .
Although you will need to buy new needles , I am sure you are going to use them time and time again .
Because it sounds like you have caught the toy knitting bug lol .
Hope this is helpful .
If you are on Ravelry , go and look at my stuff and you can see some of the toys i have made . :slight_smile:

Thank you thank you! I will invest in them and like you said use them over and over. I will have to join Ravelry I don’t know why I haven’t done it yet.

Good luck hun . Glad i could help .Let me know how you get on with the next one . I would love to know . If you have any other questions just ask or pm me .
Hope to see you soon on Ravelry :slight_smile:

So cute for a beautiful little girl.

What a cutie your DD is! And so is the fairy doll you made-she is obviously very pleased with it-I love that she slept with it even bevore you finishd it :teehee: how sweet!