FO: Fair Isle Ukrainian Motif hat

This hat was inspired by Ukrainian motif of a traditional hand embroidered shirt. Well, you could also say that it was inspired by my husband who asked for a ‘Ukrainian hat’ :slight_smile: It’s my first Fair Isle design. Oh, I learned to knit English style to be able to carry colours in two hands. It’s still somewhat awkward and my floats are not floating as freely as they should but I was too excited to finish and just couldn’t stop knitting :slight_smile:

Olha, this is another beautifully knit hat and a great fair isle success. Did you graph the design first?

Ohhhhh…lovely!! You do beautiful work! :inlove:

Thanks, and yes, I did. Originally, it’s was a cross stitch pattern from a shirt. But it was changed quite a bit to accommodate for two colours in a row. And in general, to look more pronounced.

Beautiful! I can’t see a thing wrong with it personally!!!

Oh it looks soooo good! Great work! Fair Isle knitting is my most challenging type of knitting. It’s all about how to carry the tension for the strands on the back! Very tricky! You seem to have it down pat!

Love the hat! I envy your skill…

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering:


Aw, thanks. You are sweet :slight_smile:

ETA: I envy your patience to knit blankets and people size sweaters :slight_smile:

Absolutely wonderful! I love it! I’m wanting to knit a navy blue and creamy white snowflake hat, so this is particularly inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! And good luck with your project!

Gorgeous!! Fair isle has always been my favorite style.

What a terrific hat!!! I am sure he loves it.:inlove:

Very nice hat! :cheering: I’ll bet your husband was very pleased with the result. Your stranded work looks very smooth.

Oh I missed this! It’s gorgeous!:inlove: