FO: Fair Isle Skull Cap

This pattern came from son of a stitch n bitch, and it was very difficult. It was not only my first attempt at fair isle, it was knit up on a size 2 circular needle. Just a tip, don’t attempt to make this with a bamboo needle. Mine snapped right in the middle of a row leaving a jagged edge that snagged a few stitches. But, the finished product was well worth the fight. My husband loves it and I have recieved a lot of compliments. Here is a picture.

WOW! It looks amazing . Even though it was difficult for you . It was worth finishing . It looks great on him :slight_smile:

Wow, it definitely looks like that would have been a difficult pattern. It looks simply wonderful. Great job!


Beautiful. Well, since it was made for your dh, Handsome!!! :thumbsup:

Looks great. I did the pirate mittens for my nephew for Christmas – looks like the pattern could be a matched set. You can do the pirate mittens with worsted weight yarn – I think I used size 7 dpns.


That’s gorgeous…great work! :yay:

Really cool hat :thumbsup:, just in time for Day of the Dead. I hate it when needles break/snap. You can try sending it back to the company for a replacement if you haven’t had them very long.

I have the book checked out from the libary and love it! That’s a cool hat!

Looks like a very involved pattern but you did a great job! WOrth the effort.


This is just awesome! And your first fair isle knit too. Nice.

It looks so intricate! Good job. I’ve had a bamboo needle that snags the yarn, I must try rubbing it with sand paper I think. I do like bamboo when the weather is hot out. My hands perspire less.

Wow, you “kill” me with this hat. Just amazing!

I like it a lot, very nice.

:woot: Great job! It looks wonderful

Thank you all for your encouragement! I really enjoy the finished product, but getting there was a struggle. Really the hardest part was the darned small needles. But once I switched to the turbos, it went a lot smoother.

Wow, great hat! What a lucky guy.

that is really cute

Oh I likey likey! Wonderful work! The model is nice, too!! :teehee:

Wow. That turned out great!