FO: Fair Isle hats

I made these from Merino Style, a yarn I love more every day. Really, it’s so soft, and it just gets softer. My DD’s mittens, which get tons of wear, are sooo fuzzy and wonderful now. But I digress! This was my first project with more than two colors. Stranding is still pretty awkward, but it felt much more natural by the 2nd hat. :thumbsup:

I finished the first several weeks ago then decided to make a 2nd – gifts for one of my DH’s employees who has two little girls.

:cheering: :cheering: Beautiful job!!

So cute, Julie! And the colorwork looks great!

wow they look wonderful!

Oh, those are lovely! :thumbsup:

I’ve been wondering whether to get some of that myself…my favorite wool sweater is merino, and I never want to take it off–it’s that soft. I’m glad to know Merino Style is the same way!

WOW! :heart: :heart:

:inlove: Cuuuuute!!!

Where did you get the pattern from?

SOOO cute, Julie!! I felt up Hildie’s Merino Style…it IS really soft!

And it just gets softer! :smiley: Thanks everyone…

I wasn’t really working with a pattern…I dinked with the color chart (working off of one in a book and changing the colors around), then did a little math to figure out how many stitches I needed based on my gauge and went from there. I did staggered decreases just because I’m so tired of the spiral ones, lol. Turned out kind of nifty.

Those are gorgeous!

So cute! Two little girls will be very happy and so stylish!

Julie- not only did you do a great job with your first time using more than two colors, you didn’t use a pattern? WOW!! They look adorable. :cheering:

Those hats are wonderful! Love them!! :inlove:

Can’t tell you had a hard time with them at all. Very nice!

Those are DARLING!! :cheering:

GORGEOUS!! I love :heart: :heart: your hats…great job :cheering: :cheering: …I, too, am a big merino style fan :wink:

I felt up Hilde’s Merino style too…YUM, YUM, YUM!!! Beautiful hats!

ohh way too nice. I wish I could do more coloring like you did. Very impressive.

:happydance: Very pretty and you did a great job!! I keep hoping my LYS will have a Fair Isle class I wanna try it :thumbsup:

cute! :slight_smile: