FO: EZ Color Pattern Hat

Hey everyone! I finished this hat as a Christmas present for my little brother - it’s a stranded hat in his school colors (he just entered middle school, so that’s kind of what he likes). I actually left The Knitting Workshop at college when I came home, so I kind of improvised this hat. But that’s what Elizabeth Zimmermann would have wanted anyway, right? :wink:
Let me know what you think!

Awesome! he’ll think it is too =)
Those are my school colors too!

Gorgeous! I’m so impressed that you improvised this!

Redhead, You did a great job on this hat. I’m sure your brother will be excited to get it.:yay: :yay:

That turned out GREAT! I’m sure your brother is going to love it!

:thumbsup: It looks great and he will love it!!

That is a cool looking hat and the colors really pop!!!

loos great :slight_smile:

that’s a freakin awesome hat.

that looks great! i’m sure he’ll love it!

Ooooooooh! That is soooo nice little redhead! Way to go! I just love colorwork! I don’t love knitting it…bugt, I love looking at it, and wearing it! Me and colorwork (stranded knitting) don’t get along so well! :eyes: I have the darndest time with the tension. Sigh.

GREAT job!!! I love it!

Me too! I love knitting cables, but I have a hard time with stranded. That’s why I think it’s good for me to practice on small projects like this :happydance:

:inlove::muah: I LOVE it!! He will too, no doubt-you did a great job, and you’re right, EZ would be proud! :teehee:

Wow, Rachel, it turned out great! I’m so impressed with your design skills. I’ll bet he loves it.

Looks great! I think EZ would be thrilled with the improvisation.

Wow. Excellent job!!

Beautiful!! I love those wavey designs on things. Looks very masculine. Your brother should love it.

Good job.