Fo: ez bsj

In layman’s terms, that’d be an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket that I knit for my SO’s grandson. And a little hat, too!

Modeled by said grandson.

The agony:

The ecstasy:

edited to add a link to the hat pattern

That is too adorable! (The hat, jacket and said grandson!) I hope it will still fit by the 4th of July! :thumbsup:

I love it! :wink:

what a cutie! nice work, too. :cheering:

Your Grandson is adorable :hug:

The Jacket is very nice, as is the hat :smiley: Even though the model appears to be less than pleased with the hat :teehee:

Thank you all! :slight_smile:

I told Z’s daughter that the jacket looks a “mite snug” and that I’d make her a nicer one in a larger size. Also, I just this minute edited the original post to include a link to the hat pattern. :oops:

She has two greyhounds and told me that one of them was sniffing the baby when she snapped the first photo (probably smelled my dog.) That grumpy look made me laugh, so I had to share it. :wink:

[color=indigo]Fantastic work! And the colors work too. EZ all the way. :woohoo:


Thanks! EZ rocks.

Sooooooooooooo cute !!!Baby and sweater :happydance:

Too cute!

You did a wonderful job!

thats looks so cute an so does the model :muah: Love the star butons :heart:

how cool!!!

Very nice!!!

& so patriotic!!


Oh my goodness, how CUTE!!! I LOVE the grumpy face pic!!! Thanks for laugh, I needed it! I have 3 DS’s and I have seen that face many times :rofl:

He is adorable, And I am glad to finally see the BSJ modeled! I love the colors, very patriotic! You did a beautiful job!

Thank you, everyone! :smiley: I pounced on the star buttons when I found them. Everyone in the family (except me) is a Patriots fan. You can’t find Patriot buttons in southern colliefornya, so the stars won out.

Maybe it was the hat he didn’t like! They are just too gorgeous for words and that includes that grandson!


Such a great little ensemble!!! :heart:

That is so unbelievably cute…Now admit it…you hired a professional baby model didn’t you? Huh? No? :??

Well then you must come from a family of truly beautiful people. :teehee:

Great job on the hat and sweater…I love 'em!


Wow - great job!!! :heart: