FO- Eyelet Yoke Cardigan
I knit this for my niece (more details on my blog), Laney’s 4th birthday. If I ever knit this again, I’m going to knit it differently. Probably knit the body in one piece instead of 3, to cut down on the number of seams to sew up. It was a fairly quick knit too.

I love the way it turned out! :heart: I have that pattern printed out and was going to do it for my daughter but I haven’t yet b/c of the seaming. I’m studying one piece construction and I think I’ll do it that way and just borrow the eyelet rows.


Very nice job. Lovely colour.

It looks great!

Oh, so pretty! I love the color, too.

Wow, that is beautiful.:heart:

Great job!

I knitted this sweater top-down seamless once, absolutely no seams. Unfortunately, the collar is too big for my daughter. Gotta knit it again.

Have you ever knit EZ’s February baby sweater? You can easily change this sweater to top-down seamless if you understand the construction of EZ’s baby sweater.


That’s one great looking sweater! :thumbsup:

Very cute! I saw a sweater somewhere on here or Ravelry that looked similar to this, but it was seamless. I’m all about seamless construction! Maybe it was EZ’s baby sweater? :shrug:

Beautiful…I love the colorway too! :muah: