FO: Eyelet Dishcloth

Pattern available free at the Lily web site.

Those are pretty colors! It’s looking great!

Looking good. Nice colors.

Very pretty colours :slight_smile:

It is going to be great looking!

it’s Lookin’ Good :thumbsup:

Here’s the finished product. I forgot to mention, the yarn is Sugar ‘n’ Cream Cool Breeze Ombre, and #8 needles.

:happydance: Looks great!! :thumbsup:

That’s so cute!

Don’t you love these bias dishcloths!! My whole family is hooked on them now and use nothing else. The eyelets are a nice variation for both looks and drying out a little faster. Good work.

very nice, Kyle!!

Looks good!

I have wanted to venture into dishclothes (and 49 other things!) I love yours, the colors are beautiful and so is the pattern! What yarn did you use?

What is the Lily website? Can I get a link? Thanks.

It looks great. Good job! :slight_smile:

Looks great. I love the colors. Nice job on the knitting!

I’ve been wanting to try that one. It looks great. I bet it would make a cute baby blanket, don’t you think?
Good job!!!

The yarn is Cool Breeze Ombre. Their web site is . You have to sign up to see the pattern section, but this is one of the free ones. (It’s on some of their ball bands as well.)

I really like the colorway! I like knitting things from the 1st cast-on and knit diagonally! Interesting! Thanks for sharing your work! :thumbsup: