FO: Eyelet Cardi

I just finished the Chicknits Eyelet Cardi. And I am thrilled because it actually fits well! The last few sweaters I have knit have been too big. I plan to wear this today but noone is here to take a modeling photo.

The yarn is Elsebeth Lavold :heart: Silky Tweed, needles were Oprions #4 and #2 (I am loosey goosey). There are progress pics on Ravelry. I decided to make long sleeves and knit the body just a wee bit longer.

How lovely!

That looks great. Well done.

Great looking sweaters!!

Love it! Great job!


That is really nice! :thumbsup:

I love it! :inlove: I think I need to buy this pattern!

Wow! It looks very chic! Great job! I know you’re tickled with it!

OK, gotta’ say I’m jealous. That is the sweater I’ve been wanting to make, and just didn’t know it. Love the color, and I think you’re right about the longer sleeves.

Good job! :yay:

It looks fantastic. Love the pattern! :yay:

Looks terrific!

that is just so pretty. i can’t wait to knit well enough to do that one!

That turned out really well!

That’s a really cute pattern and you did a lovely job with it.

:happydance:Very cute!

Ooh pretty. you must take another picture when you can model it. I bet it fits you like a dream.

Thanks, all :happydance: I put the camera on the tripod and took a few shots - they are on my blog and Ravelry. C’mon and see :slight_smile:
I wore it again today -

Lovely cardi. Your knitting is so pretty on everything you make! :slight_smile:

Very classy looking! Your stitches look so nice and even, too!

It looks wonderful and the color is very classic!