FO - Extreme-knit Socks!

After a few false starts, they are done! Knit at the same time no 4 DPNs, one inside the other. For a friend’s DD.

Oooh that is daring! I would have messed that up for certain! :eyes:

knit one inside the other :?? I’ll have to check that out. THey look great too :cheering:

Wow!!! that is awesome! I want to try that someday…

I read that article in Knitty. I want to try that once. But I’m not sure I’m ready yet.

Whoa…that sounds confusing! Looks great though!

I’m really glad I did them - [color=red]once![/color] They were definitely a tough knit. Not because the technique is hard, it’s more that it’s unforgiving. With most knitting, if you make a mistake you can fix it fairly easily if you notice it quickly. Doing these, I eventually figured out how to fix mistakes, (knitting the inside sock with the outside yarn or vice versa) in the leg and/or foot. But when it came to the heels, I never was able to figure out how to fix it when that happened, and had to frog back to the beginning of the heels a couple of times.

Whoah! You are good! And the socks look so cute! I am a bit of a chicken so I won’t be trying that awesome technique anytime soon!